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How many litres per day would you like to pump?

? Keep in mind that you can always dial back the pumping speed however you can't increase it when it's running at 100%

What is the difference in elevation from the top of your water source (eg top of your bore or creek) to where you are pumping to?

? You can download applications/apps on your mobile phone to check your elevation about sea level

What is the depth of your water source (eg depth of your bore)

? For example, if your bore is 35m deep, the depth of your water source is 35. If you're pumping from a dam or river, your water source depth will be 0m

What is the internal diameter of your pipe?

? The internal pipe diameter vary's from manufacturers. It's worth double checking the ID of your pipe because it can make a significant difference to your overall friction loss

What is the total distance from your pump to your where you are pumping to?

? This is not the elevation, instead we are measuring the total pipe length/distance in your pumping system

Calculation Results
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  • Elevation:
  • Bore Depth:
  • Pipe Diameter:
  • Distance:
  • Total Head Height:
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