Commodore’s diesel generator range is vast, and trusted by Australian’s from every corner of the country. Whether you are seeking 5.7kVa, 62kVa or anything in between, Commodore has a premium diesel generator for you.


– A lot of other generators on the market are running a smaller engine, for example a 10kVa 2 cylinder revving to 3000rpm vs our 9kVa 3 cylinder revving to 1500rpm. Running with less cylinders and at a higher RPM means they are working much harder, and likely to have a shorter life span. It’s a bit like having a Hyundai Getz and a Landcruiser both towing a 1.5 tonne trailer, they’ll both physically be able to tow the trailer however one will be able to tow that trailer for a hell of a lot longer than the other.

– Another feature of the lower 1500rpm is that there is less noise, less vibration, less wear and tear, meaning more reliably and a steadier output power. Ours also have a foam padded sound proofing inside the enclosure which keeps them quieter again.

– A large majority of generators are not set up for off grid as they don’t have two wire auto start, which means the generator will not kick in automatically to charge your batteries and/or provide direct back up to your house. With some generators it is impossible to add a two wire start onto it afterwards as the controller isn’t designed to do so, other generators you can add a two wire auto start later but it’s difficult and expensive to do.  We have sold and serviced these tier one generators since 2012, field failure rate is less than 0.1%.

– Amongst Commodore’s Premium Off Grid Generator’s ranging between 5.7KVA and 62KVA, we stock internationally known branded engines and generators including  FAWDE, Cummins , Yangdong, Kubota and Pramac / Generac