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When you’re looking for an off grid solar system, peace of mind is a must

We build every off grid solar system to do exactly what we say they will. Because we use highly reliable Victron products, we can have confidence in off grid solar. Our business runs off word of mouth. Because of this philosophy, we aim to provide you with an off grid solar system you’ll want to tell your neighbours about for years to come.

Off Grid

Your choice out of Schneider Electric, Australian Made Selectronics and Victron Energy

Commodore is excited to announce the introduction of Schneider Electric to it’s pre existing range of Off Grid Solar Systems powered by Victron Energy. Both are recognised as market innovators through their developments in system monitoring, and highly advanced units. Schneider actually invest 5% of their revenue directly into research and development which is yet another reason they are able to shake up the off grid world with fantastic innovations! 

Expert Advice

The Commodore team have extensive off grid solar knowledge and expertise. And this means we can make a difficult decision much easier for you by ensuring you finish with the right system for your requirements. If you need any help sizing your off grid system feel free to email us, or call on 1300 669 256. With the best technology available on the market, why not ask for a free quote, that’s a pretty affordable quote for off grid solar!

Pre-designed system, or customised? You choose:

We have a range of stand-alone systems which are designed for purposes such as powering a:

Commodore also has customisable listings which allows you to tweak your inverter, battery banks and the amount of solar panels to suit your budget. Just as importantly, our customisable listings ensure we can tailor-make a system to your requirements. Because of this commitment to customisation, we see fantastic results for our valued customers.

We even had an editorial published by the Land on Commodore off grid solar systems

Pre Wired Boards for Off Grid

Easy to install

We offer pre-wired boards that will get you up and running quick smart. Because a pre-wired board has all of the components for your system installed onto a board. Such as the:

  • Inverter
  • Solar charge controller
  • Relevant fuses, breakers etc

Commodore ensures that when you receive your kit, it is super easy for your installer to hook it up. We’re happy to provide full support to your installer during & after the installation. So, This will make sure your system is properly set up and running smoothly. Commodore offers lifetime support on all of our off grid systems, just give us a call and we will assist you to get your system back up and running optimally again.

Solar Rebates

Off grid installs are the perfect candidate for STC solar panel rebates. To get this rebate you need to use CEC approved solar panels with your system and use a CEC approved installer. We have a big list of installers that we use regularly we can steer you in the right direction with getting a rebate for your system. Click here to view a variety of rebates and grants that are available that make off grid solar even more affordable.


Please note these listings do not include installation. Australian standards dictate Installations exceeding 500VA must be done by a qualified electrician, in accordance to electrical safety requirements of your state or territory.” In some cases, additional installation hardware items may be recommended by your installer. But we are happy to assist you with following these guidelines.

Price Guarantee

Our price guarantee applies to any cheaper price found on an online store or in a physical store in Australia. So, it applies where the other store’s final price, inclusive of delivery, tax, fees and charges are lower than our price. We will then match or better the price. At Commodore, we pride ourselves on offering the very best value for money the first time – it is extremely rare that we are required to match a price on our off grid solar systems, solar pumps and more.

Lithium Batteries 

The advantage of lithium batteries is they have more useable energy – up to 96% can be used without adversely compromising battery life. They have more charge / recharge cycles – 6000 or more cycles, depending on depth of discharge. Better constant high current charge / discharge performance – a 10kWh bank can handle a 10kW load, and a surge of 20kW.

Lifetime support 

Commodore is proud to provide lifetime support for all of it’s customers, on all of their purchases. It is a commitment we strongly value, as it represents:

  • The high quality products Commodore supplies
  • Expert advice Commodore provides on every quote
  • How we back up what we sell

We have a designated support team who work diligently to answer all of your questions and provide expert guidance on your journey with Commodore. It is so pleasing to hear the positive feedback of this initiative too. Google reviews such as “The after-sales support has been fantastic”, and happy smiles from our customers make it all worthwhile.

Wide Range of Alternatives 

Whether you need an Off Grid system for a small house or shed. We have the system for you, check out our Ultimate Budget Off Grid for example.

If you’re looking to move one step ahead, we have medium and large Off Grid systems which have some serious Bang For Your Buck. We have a variety of variable listings to ensure your system can be custom designed.

If the medium/large systems aren’t enough, and you’re thinking industrial or 3 phase, feel free to check out our biggest systems, and also remember, you can get in contact with the team at Commodore anytime to assist with your solar needs.


With 15 Years of quality solar experience, commercially, domestically and residentially. Commodore Australia has learnt a lot about the industry. We have learnt which products on the market are successful, and importantly which brands to stay away from. Our team of specialists can help you navigate through the difficult solar market by sharing their real life experience, not what google has told them. They can also share the feedback received from electrician’s and our wonderful family of customers. With feedback, market research, and a commitment to quality, Commodore strives to provide the best possible results for each customer.

Choose the right system with our Off Grid Calculator

Make the most of Commodore’s latest innovation, our updated Off Grid Calculator. Our calculator has been designed to make life easier for you. We understand how difficult it is to choose the right solar system and also how difficult it is to calculate. So, we thought why not turn the complicated equations, and worrying decisions associated with going Off Grid into a positive experience, where you simply tick the boxes applicable to you! Watch the video below to see how to use our calculator.

What do you have to do?

As the video above displays, all you have to do is:

  • Select which products you use around the house
  • How long you will use them for per day

By you doing this, our off grid calculator can quickly calculate the:

  • Potential Load KW
  • Average KWh Per Day
  • Which systems will be suitable to your power usage

The ‘Winter average daily effective solar’ section is set at 3 hours per day. This is a conservative estimate based off the average number of effective solar PV input hours in Winter. Our research confirms that the national average annually is between 4 to 5 hours per day. This means 1kW of solar panels will produce between 4kWh to 5kWh per average day. In Winter our research indicates 3 hours of effective solar PV input to be the national average, and 6 hours of effective solar PV input to be the Summer average for Australia. Follow this link below to find the average for your area on a map.

PV Performance Map Australia

With our tool, you can adjust the amount of effective solar hours to suit your location.

Have a look at some of our previous installations

Have you seen some of our previous installations and case studies? If not we highly recommend you look at our projects area on our website, this will provide you with context of what an off grid system looks like.

Commodore’s seen the world!

Whilst servicing Australia since 2005, Commodore Australia has tested it’s products around the world. Servicing Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Fiji and New Caledonia has been a pleasure for the team. We have been fortunate enough to provide power to remote communities in some of these areas, and help change the life of the residents through Off Grid Solar.

Quality Components

Commodore prides itself on quality, so it makes sense to use the best quality components in our Off Grid Solar Systems. We have seen proven results with Victron Energy. By using their inverters, colour controllers, charge controllers and many more smaller components, Commodore has received fantastic feedback from our valued family of customers. We are excited by the growth of lithium batteries, and the real results they are producing. Lithium’s revolutionary technology is increasing their expected lifespan to 10-15 years if used every day due to their 6000 discharge cycle. Lithium technology is becoming more and more affordable as well as their popularity is growing. Commodore still supplies led carbon and gel batteries which certainly still have a place in the industry for lower cost options, and off grid weekender properties where they are not discharging every day. 

Need any more information or advice? 

Our team of experts are more than happy to give you the information and advice you need about our Off Grid range, it’s components, and outstanding warranties. Feel free to contact us on 1300 669 256 or email us at [email protected] for all of your Off GridSolar Pumps and Grid Connect needs!

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