Supporting a Clean Future with Solar 

Our company is dedicated to alternative energy; from solar pumps to solar electric fences to generators, batteries and everything in between.

We’re 100% Australian-owned and committed to sourcing sustainably-produced products that are built for Australian conditions. Commodore Australia have you covered with high quality products without the big brand mark ups. Our products are available for online, showroom and trade sales, plus we can ship to you anywhere in Australia. With stock available direct from Shepparton or out of the Tullamarine warehouse for bigger wholesale quantities. We don’t carry every brand, but our own products, which tried and tested, are often at more affordable than typical industry prices. We import from the biggest international factories (without fat brand name margins) and pass the savings onto you.

With specialist expertise in agricultural, industrial and domestic off-grid power, we’ll work with you to figure out the best off-grid solution for you.  Plus, we employ a dedicated and experienced team of qualified technicians for ongoing product advice and customer support. If you would like to see some of the jobs that we’ve done you can view the Gallery here.


We pride ourselves on: 

  • Reliability 
  • Expert advice  from our trained staff 
  • Lifetime Support – Our dedicated support team will support you on any purchase with Commodore from Solar Pumps to Off Grid Systems 
  • Timely shipping all across Australia

So, if you’re thinking solar, think Commodore, and we will go above and beyond to find you the right solution.


Our Story

Commodore Solar was founded in 2012 to offer domestic and industrial alternatives to expensive mains power, our focus is alternative energy systems.  We are proud of its commitment to ongoing technological innovation and development.

Managing director Boyd Dainton started in the electronics business in Shepparton in 1975, with his family history in the Goulburn Valley farming region dating back to the 1860s. Although Boyd comes from a science background, he has specialised in sourcing high-quality and cost-effective imports from the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China for more than 40 years, with his last company being publicly listed on the Singaporean Stock Exchange.

Originally, Commodore started off specialising in solar pumps however since we have expanded to: 

  • Off Grid Solar Systems – Thousands of Australian’s are choosing to have their own independent power source and with significant advancement’s in off grid technology Commodore is proud to be a quality distributor commercially and residentially
  • On Grid Solar Systems – Grid connect solar is popping up everywhere in Australia as a result of rising electricity costs and increasing feasibility of solar making it one of the best sources of ROI. Australian’s with grid connect are saving thousands in bills whilst also doing their bit for the environment by choosing a sustainable power source. 
  • Premium Diesel Generators – We have designed a range of generators specifically for Off Grid in order to provide automatic back up support for residents if their battery bank is getting low. With 2 wire auto start our premium diesel generators are a great choice for builders, other trades, farmers and Australian’s living off grid
  • Wind Tubrines – Premium European Bornay wind turbines 
  • Small solar and electrical accessories 

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Since beginning in 2005, Commodore has had the pleasure of servicing Australian’s, and supporting the people all over the world with community supported projects such as our Papua New Guinea project, which provided so much joy for this local Papua New Guinea community as they now had easy access to clean water, Commodore as an organisation was so pleased to see the positive impact an Australian owned and operated business could have on a global scale. 




Commodore Australia founded in 2012


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