Fuel fed generators are a reliable & durable backup for your off-grid home or business. Whether you’re off-grid, or on the grid, generators are useful.

In the case of a grid blackout, a generator is an effective power source which will save you potentially hundreds of dollars in lost fridge/freezer stock whilst making life much more comfortable in a lengthy blackout. If you’re an outback or camping fanatic, a portable generator is a must. They are quite often your only power source, hence it’s important to choose quality models, backed up by years of testing and experience in the industry.

Landscapers, construction sites and mobile contractors (welders, mechanics) rely on diesel generators to be at their most productive. Our wide range suits all tradesmen, no matter the job. Quality generators from brands including:

Are available and can be sized accordingly to run air compressors, welders, sanders and many other high draw power tools.

Insured shipping is available Australia wide at a competitive rate.

Gas, Diesel & Petrol powered models are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most needs. An off grid home benefits from an alternative power source after a few cloudy days & the battery bank gets low. Many types of deep cycle batteries suffer from being over discharged or remaining discharged for a duration of time, decreasing the life span of the battery.