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The Magnum Commercial off grid solar system is exactly the same system that we designed for one of our customers, we enjoyed the job so much that we had to offer it as an ongoing system. The product image is what this system looks like after installation. Consisting of 3 massive 15kVA Victron Quattro Inverters wired to 3 phase, an additional Quattro 10kVA to handle the single phase loads without eating into the 3 phase loads. Paired with a Fronius 3 Phase 20kW AC inverter this offers huge power consisting of 45kVA of three phase power from the 3 x Quattro 15kVA inverters, up to an additional 20kW of three phase power from the Fronius depending on the Solar coming into the system, plus another 10kVA of single phase power from the Quattro 10kVA. There is 39.6kW of Solar power generation consisting of 80 x JA 370w Solar panels, and 61.6kWh of BYD lithium battery storage.

Here at Commodore we specialize in off grid what that means is that when you purchase a system from us you can have confidence that it will do exactly what you want it to do, that it is going to be supremely reliable as we would only sell what we would install in our own house and best of all we are here to help you every step of the way after you’ve purchased your system. Any of our systems can be tweaked to suit your requirements, let us know what you would like to change and it will be easily done.

Package Includes:

  • Victron Quattro 15kVA 48v Inverter Chargers x 3 (wired in three phase for 45kVA of continuous power)
  • Victron Quattro 10kVA, 48v Inverter Charger for 10kVA of continuous power
  • 29.6kW Solar Array consisting of 80 x 370w Solar panels
  • Fronius 20kW Symo AC Inverter
  • Victron 250/100 Charge Controller
  • Victron Cerbo GX system display panel and touch pad with remote monitoring
  • VE.Direct connection cables
  • BYD 61.6kWh Batteries (4 x 15.4LVL Batteries)
  • DC Disconnect / Battery Breaker & Fuses to suit
  • DC Solar PV Isolator & breakers, DC battery cabling to suit
  • Solar PV Cabling to suit
  • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile & Tilt upgrades available)
  • Safety Sticker Kit & Connection guides
  • Pre wired and Pre configured Board

Commercial Finance Available

The system can be expanded at any time in the following ways:

  • Extra batteries can be added at any time in 15.4kWh modules at a time
  • Up to 6x Inverter Chargers for up to 30kVA rated output power set single phase or 3 phase
  • Within sensibility, basically an unlimited amount of solar power can be installed, adding more solar controllers as required

Detailed system information such as solar power, usage history & battery status is displayed on the intuitive Cerbo GX panel. When connected to your home network all this live information can be viewed on your smart phone or a PC, and if you have the internet view your system from anywhere in the world using Victron’s free Remote Management portal (called the VRM portal). See the Cerbo GX brochure on the downloads tab for more information.

Create a Grid-Hybrid system, where your Solar energy is used & stored as first priority**. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If required, the grid can help power loads through the inverter automatically. This design principle uses your solar & stored energy first before using the mains grid power. If your batteries are full, and there is more solar power than your loads need, the extra power can be exported back to the grid for feed-in tariffs.

System Performance

Solar array depending on location, the annual daily average in Australia is 4 to 5 hours equivalent of full power from the array per day (where a 1kW array would give between 4 5kWh per day if demanded) with more in summer and less in winter. A large solar PV array design principle reduces the amount of time the batteries will be low on charge, which maximises their life expectancy & provides you with far more reliable power.

Warranty Information 

  • All Victron components have a 5 year warranty
  • BYD lithium batteries have a 10 year warranty
  • Solar Panels feature a 25 year output warranty to 80 percent rated power
  • All other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty

For details on our battery warranties please click here

For more information see manufactures warranty, found on each brands website.

You are welcome to send any faulty goods back and our factory trained staff will either carry out or arrange the repair for you free of charge within the warranty period. Shipping is cost of buyer. Consumables, cables, leads, etc.. are not covered by warranty, negligence or misuse is a warranty exclusion. Commodore is not responsible for any direct or indirect expenses or losses related to warranty or non warranty.

Please note this listing does not include installation. Installations exceeding 500VA should be done by a qualified electrician, in accordance to electrical safety requirements of your state or territory.

Registered Responsible supplier with ERAC & Alternative Technology Association of Australia.

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