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Soltaro Hybrid Grid Connect System 5.5kW Solar PV Array – Blackout Support



Soltaro Hybrid Grid Connect System 5.5kW Solar PV Array – Blackout Support


This system can be used as a standard Grid Tie solar system WITHOUT batteries and will still power your home from the solar in the event of mains failure.

In most area’s the government rebate on the solar panels will cover the installation costs, contact us if you require a formal quote.

Most standard Solar Grid Connect Inverter systems will shut down in the event of a mains failure or black out leaving you without power, the Soltaro unit will continue to deliver power from the solar panels to your household in the event of a mains blackout. If batteries are added the system can then also deliver power throughout the night time. Batteries can be very easily added at any stage.

At Commodore, we have long been searching for an All-in-One style hybrid solar / battery / inverter solution that fits our philosophy to bring you the best system possible: elegant and flexible design, full performance both on and off grid, top quality and only the safest breed of lithium battery chemistries. Soltaro have gone over and above in developing a beautiful and adaptable system – the All-in-One ESS – using state of the art Lithium batteries boasting a 10,000 cycle life time. Read on to discover more.

Plug and play your way. Store your solar power and use it at a time that suits you with a Solar and Battery Storage System from Soltaro:

  • Your Solar Panels run the house loads as first priority, any excess will be fed into the Grid for feed in tariffs.
  • Any extra solar power not used by the house will recharge the battery( if optional battery added)
  • Once the battery is full, any extra solar power not used by the house can be fed back to the grid for feed-in tariffs
  • The battery will provide power whenever there’s not enough solar power to run the house loads
  • The grid can make up the difference whenever the house loads exceed the solar and battery power
  • Both your Solar Panels and Battery(s) will continue to power the house if the grid fails – with no notice in power loss.

Sleek designs and flexible, bespoke solar energy systems make Soltaro the best choice for an All-in-One, weatherproof & expandable Energy Storage system.

The Soltaro All-in-one ESS is simple to install, safe, very reliable and provides the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar & battery installations and for retro-fit installations. With a 5kW rated inverter output, up to 6.5kW PV power and from 4.5kWh to 22.5kWh battery storage – a system can be customised or grown over time to suit your needs.

Designed and engineered in Australia, we understand harsh climates, which is why the Soltaro outdoor battery storage systems can ‘weather’ all climates and come with a 10 year or 10,000 charging cycle guarantee.

Soltaro expandable battery storage systems can be housed inside or outside in a number of configurations. Contact us for advice on the system best suited to your needs.

Main Features:

  • All-In-One Energy Storage System with a beautiful design
  • Australian Designed and Engineered
  • Wall Mounted, IP65 for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • 5kW Inverter Rated Output – full power during black-outs
  • 4.5kWh to 22.5kWh Expandable Lithium Battery Storage, to grow with you ( select capacity from Dropdown menu )
  • Soltaro Lithium Batteries rated to 10,000 cycles at 90% Depth of Discharge!
  • 6.5kW Solar Controller Built in, with 2x MPPT trackers – ideal for sets of solar panels facing different directions
  • Designed to optimise self consumption of your solar power and stored energy
  • Super-quiet operation – less than 25dB
  • Suitable for Back-Up, Off Grid and On Grid purposes
  • Seamless Switch-over to keep you powered during mains power outages
  • Plug and Play for rapid installation by an experienced electrician
  • Local and Remote monitoring (WiFi and Smart Phone APP)
  • Easily retrofit to an existing Solar PV system
  • Safest Lithium Battery Chemistry for peace of mind – Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) & cells are safety tested and certified by Intertek

** All of the listing options above with solar panels include solar panel racking and a solar cable/isolator set.

** All listing options with additional 4.5kWh battery modules include all necessary components to connect to the system.

Package Includes:

  • Soltaro All in One 5kW Solar Inverter Charger
  • 20x 275W A grade CEC approved solar panels= 5.5kW Solar array ( eligible for Government rebates)
  • Racking kit to suit pitched tin roof (tilt and tile upgrades available)
  • Solar Cabling and isolators (20m solar cable lengths as standard)
  • Optional matching Lithium Battery(s) (select from drop down menu)


Battery Storage Innovation

Soltaro design and engineer end to end Solar Power Battery Storage Systems. Renewable energy is the future and strict manufacturing and testing standards gives peace of mind for your home and family. Australian designed and built, Soltaro understand how harsh the Australian climate can be and have tailored Battery solutions accordingly. Soltaro battery storage systems are engineered to perform consistently with a lifespan of over 20 years.

With warranty and technical support based in Australia, you also have the assurance that we are able to respond fast to any queries or support concerns you may have.

Advances in technology allow the battery to be constantly monitored through the Soltaro software and a downloadable app for your smart-phone. Rare issues are flagged and fixed in the Soltaro on-line environment, often before you are even aware of any downtime to your battery.

Solar power remains the simplest option for householders wishing to both reduce their energy bills and have energy resilience during black-outs. With Soltaro you can be certain we stand behind our product and always put our customers first.

Powering Your Home

You may be thinking about investing in Solar panels or, already have Solar PV installed in your home. Either way, investing in Solar Power system from Soltaro allows you to power your home or business day or night, storing your unused generated power from solar panels for use at a time that suits your lifestyle.

This simple addition can save a vast amount on your energy bills, and any excess that isn’t used or stored will simply be sent back to the grid for feed-in tariffs. The addition of a battery allows your home to become more energy independent and is designed and tested to ensure reliability, performance and optimum adoption of the most technically advanced equipment available to the domestic Solar market here and internationally.

Soltaro Storage batteries come with a 10 year warranty and are manufactured using lithium ion phosphate, the safest battery chemistry available in the marketplace today.

Soltaro’s sleek designed units are easily installed into your home within a few hours so you can see the benefits and start saving immediately. We offer an expandable battery size suit your individual needs with a price range that is surprisingly low.

See the ‘Documents’ tab above for brochures, frequently asked questions and more.



Soltaro All-in-one ESS Brochure

Soltaro 4.5kWh Lithium Battery Brochure

Soltaro All-in-one ESS User Manual

Soltaro All-in-one ESS Warranty Statement

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