Solar Pump Drive for AC single and 3 Phase Pumps – Retrofit Solar Conversion Kit




Run Your Existing and Installed Pumps Using Solar Power

This listing is for Solar Pump Drives to run AC pumps from solar, select option from the drop-down menu above to suit the size of your pump.

Want to pump your water using solar power, but don’t want to replace your existing pump systemCommodore Solar has you covered. When it comes to going solar, you don’t need to change your existing pump system if it’s already working and is the right fit for your needs. At Commodore we have designed these kits with those of you in mind.

These solar pump drives can run your existing AC pumps using solar panels – with drives to suit pumps up to 2.2kW single phase and 75kW three phase. (Larger drives available on request ).or 550W-2200W single phase,

Solar only mode Automatic operation with sunlight, adjusting flow to match available solar power, with auto power blending in poor sun conditions

Let us know if you need a hand sizing solar panels to work with your pump. Please note this listing is for the pump inverter only, solar panels are an optional extra.

Solar Pump Drive Range Features:

  • Dual operating modes:
  • Solar only mode Automatic operation with sunlight, adjusting flow to match available solar power, with auto power blending in poor sun conditions
  • 24/7 operation mode power with Solar during the day & run with Mains overnight
  • Maximum Solar Array Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 900V
  • Mains / Generator Input: Three (3) Phase AC 380-415v 50Hz ( single phase units = 240v AC)
  • Single and 3 Phase models, – see drop down menu AC 50Hz (adjustable)
  • Full protections and automatic operation including low water protection (both low current and water level sensors), compatible with pressure switches and tank level sensors
  • Options for App / SMS control from a smartphone please ask for details and prices

The 1.5 and 2.2kW pump drives can automatically select single or three phase power with a 220v output.

The Solar Pump Drives have an integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller that extracts as much power as possible from the sun – maximising the solar array output. Larger models also include a PV combiner box for .

These units can provide Grid backup, meaning that it can pump for longer than the average kit with only solar. The pump drives have the option for grid and solar hybrid operation where the pump drive can use as little or as much grid power as required to maintain effective pumping all day! A Generator Auto Controller is also available, allowing the pump drive to start a generator to maintain effective pumping. This is especially useful to keep a pump running within set speed limits for stable pressure to irrigation systems and to pump overnight if required

These Solar Pump Drives have an option for monitoring and control by phone (text message), so you know what’s going on all the time (standard charges may apply for GPRS / SIM card connectivity from mobile phone network providers).

Government Rebates are available when converting your existing pump to solar power!

The pump drives come with a full 2 year warranty,

Installation in exposure to direct sunlight, thick dust, corrosive gas, oil mist, flammable gas/liquid is prohibited.

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions55 × 35 × 29 cm
Pump Drive size

0.55KW Single Phase 220V, 0.75KW Single Phase 220V, 1.1KW Single Phase 220V, 1.5KW Single Phase 220V, 2.2 Single Phase 220V, 0.55KW 3 Phase 220V, 0.75KW 3 Phase 220V, 1.1KW 3 Phase 220V, 1.5KW 3 Phase 220V, 2.2KW 3 Phase 220V, 3.0KW 3 Phase 380V, 4.0KW 3 Phase 380V, 5.5KW 3 Phase 380V, 7.5KW 3 Phase 380V, 9.2KW 3 Phase 380V, 11KW 3 Phase 380V, 13KW 3 Phase 380V, 15KW 3 Phase 380V, 18.5KW 3 Phase 380V, 22KW 3 Phase 380V, 26KW 3 Phase 380V, 30KW 3 Phase 380V, 37KW 3 Phase 380V, 45KW 3 Phase 380V, 55KW 3 Phase 380V, 75KW 3 Phase 380V

Solar Panels

No Panels, 4 x 275W, 5 x 275W, 6 x 275W, 9 x 275W, 10 x 275W, 18 x 275W, 21 x 275W, 34 x 275W, 38 x 275W, 51 x 275W, 63 x 275W, 76 x 275W, 84 x 275W, 105 x 275W, 126 x 275W, 147 x 275W, 171 x 275W, 210 x 275W, 252 x 275W, 320 x 275W, 380 x 275W





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