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Solar Controller 3 In 1 MPPT 600W / AC Charge 30A, 2400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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3 In 1 Solar Charge Controller / AC Charger / Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Automatic Transfer Switch!

Truly an Impressive, Versatile Solar Solution!

– Go completely Off-Grid with this unit, using solar panels to charge your battery bank & plug in your generator directly if the Sun’s been shy…

– Set up a Grid Backup system – Store & use your solar energy in a battery bank, and only resort to costly Grid power when necessary.

– Set up a Grid-Based Uninterruptable Power Supply – with or without Solar – Use the Mains Grid power normally for loads (and to charge the batteries) & Automatically switch to battery power when the power goes out.

This unit will deliver power for your loads using Solar or Grid power as a Priority.

With Solar priority, power is drawn from the battery bank while there is sufficient charge remaining, then switching over to AC Mains afterwards.

With Grid Priority, power is used as per normal from the mains, switching over to battery power when there’s a failure.

Regardless of priority, when Solar power is present, it will be used predominantly to charge to batteries.


Transformerless and programmable design

● Suitable for 24 Volt Battery Banks Only

Multi-functional inverter-charger with selectable Utility vs. Solar priority modes via LCD

Built-in MPPT solar charger, 25Amp!

Wide AC input range – suitable for generators / poor grid areas (90 ~ 280VAC)

Inverter+ AC Charger + Solar Charger 3-in-1 design

● Fast Transfer Switching – <10ms UPS Mode –  <20ms Appliance Mode

Lightweight, easy to install

Pure sine wave output

2X surge capacity up to 5 seconds

Monitoring RJ45-RS232 capability

Adjustable charging current

LCD monitor display system info + LED indicators

FREE monitoring software included

Compatible with generators

Overload/Overtemp/short circuit protections

Cold start capability (requires DC)

Package Includes:

  • Main Unit – 24V  / 2.4kW Inverter / MPPT 25A Solar Controller / AC Charger
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Serial RS232 to LAN RJ45 Cable
  • Instruction Manual

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Weight 19.84 kg
Dimensions 25 × 45 × 60 cm

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