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Portable Solar Power System – Solar Generator – 120w Solar Panel | 100Ah AGM | USB

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Portable Solar Power System – Solar Generator Kit

Complete with Solar Panel, Battery power pack, Solar regulator & USB outlets.

Complete DC solar generator package for low power DC 12v applications such as camping fridges, lighting, small pumps, TV’s, charging tech gear & cordless tools. The battery is fitted into a weatherproof box with the following power accessory sockets:

  • Merit Plug with 20A circuit breaker
  • Cigar Socket with 10A circuit breaker
  • Insulated bolt terminal posts for jump starting, connecting 240v inverters, etc.
  • Twin USB adapter (via cigar socket)
  • Push-button power meter to display battery charge level
Package Includes:
  • 120w Poly-crystalline Solar Panel
  • 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM 12V Battery – Maintenance free sealed lead acid
  • Weatherproof battery box with cigar, merit & terminal lug connectors fitted
  • Weatherproof solar charge controller to suit
  • USB charging plug
  • 2x 5W LED Globes with 5 metre leads & switches
  • 8 metres of solar cable
  • Solar panel – L 1250 * W 678 * D 35 MM – weight – 12kg
  • Battery box – H: 280mm  W: 220mm  L: 390mm – weight with battery approx. 33kg
Weight50 kg
Dimensions145 × 65 × 30 cm


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