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GEL OPzV Batteries 2v All sizes


OPzV valve regulated lead acid batteries are the ideal energy source for many different standby applications. 3 Years warranty & 4 years pro-rata


OPzV valve regulated lead acid batteries are the ideal energy source for many different standby applications.

OPzV range of valve regulated lead acid stationary batteries combine the benefits of recombination technology (i. e. virtually no maintenance due to very low gas emissions) plus the advantages of conventional vented batteries  with positive tubular plates (i. e. long life and excellent cycling capability).


Tubular positive plates
  • Special grid construction, pressure cast from antimony free alloy, with highly porous gauntlets that retain the active material
Pasted negative plates
  • Service lives consistent with the positive plates Electrolyte
  • Gel structure Separators
  • Extremely high porosity and low internal resistance
Containers and lids
  • Made of plastic (ABS) material. Also available in AB S flame retardant material as an option (according to IEC 707 FV0)
  • Female treated terminal (M10) perfect contact and low resistance with flexible cable connectors
Post seals
  • Prevents electrolyte leakage and terminal corrosion
  • Flexible, fully insulated cable con nectors screwed (with 20 ±1 Nm) to the terminal with an insulated screw having a probe hole on the top for electrical measurement
One way relief valve
  • Opens at low pressure and is fitted with a flame arrestor device


  • Cells are normally installed in an upright position on steel stands


Float voltage
  • Standby use 2.25 V/cell
  • Maximum voltage of 2.35 – 2.40 V/cell with a maximum current of 0.25 C10 (A)

Operational data

operational life
  • More than 15 years
IEC 896-1 cycles
  • 1200
  • Approx. 2 % per month at 20 °C
tests according
  • IEC 896-1, EN 60896-1, EN 61427


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3 Years warranty & 4 years pro-rata

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions N/A

500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000


1 x 2v battery, 6 x 2v for 12v systems, 12 x 2v for 24v systems, 24 x 2v for 48v systems


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