Off Grid Deluxe | Quattro 10KVA | 8.25KW Solar | 20KWh BYD Lithium

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Off Grid Deluxe

This off grid solar system has been designed by our team of experts to give your average household the serious energy capacity you need to live off grid with peace of mind.

At Commodore, we specialise in off-grid.

We understand how important it is to have the best components available to use for your system in order to maximise performance and lifespan. That’s why Commodore uses Victron Energy components which have been trusted by thousands of Australian’s, and off grid users around the world. Powered with a 10kVa Quattro inverter and BYD lithium battery bank, you will be able to run many items including fridge(s), TV, lighting, water pump, medium split systems and more. Feel free to send us a list of what you’d like to run, or give us a call and we can confirm suitability, or get you on track for the right system to suit you.

BYD Batteries 4kWh Premium LVS

The latest battery range from BYD, becoming a household name in solar battery storage, BYD have proven themselves to be one of the market leaders in Lithium technology. These units come as 4kWh stackable modules, which feature their own IP55 cover, removing the need for additional cabinets. The new modules also feature improved temperature performance, efficiency and can be scaled up to 64 units to give a total capacity of 256kWh. They also feature a 10 year warranty. BYD are one of the largest Lithium battery manufacturers in the world, and produce a range of equipment, including electric cars, buses, solar panels, and of course, off grid rated solar batteries.

JA Solar Panels

JA Solar. For a long time JA have been one of the biggest names in the solar industry, their panels have truly passed the test of time and they continue to offer some of the highest efficiency panels on the market. This listing features their 330W panels which have a 12 year workmanship warranty, and 25 year output warranty.

Package Includes:

  • Victron 48v Inverter Charger Quattro 10kVA
  • BYD Pro 20KWh Lithium battery bank (5x 4kWh stackable units) with base and BMU
  • A Grade PV Solar Panel 8250W (8.25KW) array using quality JA CEC approved 330W Solar Panels x 25
  • Victron MPPT SmartSolar to suit using 250V charge controllers
  • Victron Cerbo GX System Monitor with touch screen and Online Access
  • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile & Tilt upgrades available)
  • Cables, fuses, isolators, etc to suit the system
  • 20m cable runs to the solar array and 2.5m cable distance to the battery bank as standard
  • Safety Sticker Kit
  • Connection guides
  • Pre-wired and configured system board this makes a faster and simpler install onsite
  • Finance available. Conditions apply.

Detailed system information such as solar power, usage history & battery status is displayed on the intuitive Cerbo GX panel. When connected to your home network all this live information can be viewed on your smart phone or a PC, and if you have the internet view your system from anywhere in the world using Victron’s free Remote Management portal (called the VRM portal). See the Cerbo GX brochure on the downloads tab for more information.

Create a Grid-Hybrid system, where your Solar energy is used & stored as first priority**. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If required, the grid can help power loads through the inverter automatically. This design principle uses your solar & stored energy first before using the mains grid power. If your batteries are full, and there is more solar power than your loads need, the extra power can be exported back to the grid for feed-in tariffs.

System Performance

Solar array depending on location, the annual daily average in Australia is 4 to 5 hours equivalent of full power from the array per day (where a 1kW array would give between 4 5kWh per day if demanded) with more in summer and less in winter. A large solar PV array design principle reduces the amount of time the batteries will be low on charge, which maximises their life expectancy & provides you with far more reliable power.

** If you wish to make a grid connected solar power system with or without grid feeding / export of solar power, we can change to the new Victron MultiPlus-II 3-5kVA inverter chargers which are designed for this purpose (or multiple inverters for more power). The MultiPlus or Quattro inverter chargers available on this listing are not suitable for mains connection of grid feeding / export of solar power. Please contact us if you wish to change the system in any way, we are happy to design systems according to customer requirements.

Please note this listing does not include installation. Installations exceeding 500VA should be done by a qualified electrician, in accordance to electrical safety requirements of your state or territory.

Finance available for purchases over $5,000

Warranty Information

  • All Victron components have a 5 year warranty
  • BYD lithium batteries have a 10 year warranty
  • Solar Panels feature a 25 year output warranty to 80 percent rated power
  • All other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty.

For details on our battery warranties please click here.

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Victron Quattro Inverter Charger

Cerbo GX System Monitoring

BYD 4kWh Lithium Batteries