Lithium Ultimate Budget Off Grid System | MultiPlus 3kVA | 2kW Solar




We’ve put together this system for those who have a budget but still want to get a good quality reliable system powered by Commodore’s advanced 100AH lithium batteries. This system is ideal for those that want to power a small home or shed giving you the basic essentials such as LED lights, TV, charging phones/laptops, kettle, microwave and even a small air conditioner with moderate usage. Powered with Victron Energy components this means you will get excellent reliability which is a must when you’re going off the grid.

Here at Commodore we specialize in off grid what that means is that when you purchase a system from us you can have confidence that it will do exactly what you want it to do, that it is going to be supremely reliable as we would only sell what we would install in our own house and best of all we are here to help you every step of the way after you’ve purchased your system. You will not get a better price on an off grid system full stop. We are one of the biggest off grid distributors in Australia we offer you the best price the first time.

This stand alone renewable energy package uses the tried & proven Victron 3KVA MultiPlus Inverter Charger system, coupled with 6x 330w Tier 1 A Grade bushfire rated solar panels & 4 x 1280Wh batteries.

Peace of mind is an important facet when living off grid. The Victron MultiPlus inverter charger system is covered by an outstanding 5 year replacement or repair warranty. *** We can assist with 6 month interest free Gem Visa cards, contact us to find out more.

On average, there will be 10kW-hours of power available from the solar array per day based on 5hrs of effective sunshine per day. More sunshine = more power. This solar PV design principle reduces the amount of time the batteries will be low on charge, which maximises their life expectancy & provides far more reliable power.

When there is no sunshine or badly overcast weather, the battery reserve capacity will give the following power from full charge down to 96%:

  • 4.88kW-hours for one day, or
  • 2.44kW-hours per day for two days, or
  • 1.62kW-hours per day for three days, or
  • 1.22kW-hours per day for four days

The solar array can then recharge the battery bank from 50% in around 6 hours of effective sunshine, depending on any loads running on the system at the same time. A generator can be used to recharge the battery bank and run loads through the inverter at the same time too.

Estimate your system requirements using our off-grid calculator.

Detailed battery information is displayed on the BMV-702 battery monitor, and solar panel info is displayed on the MPPT control.

Lithium and AGM comparison

  • The sealed 12V Lithium Batteries have an exceptional cycle life of around 6000 cycles to 80% discharge,
  • Batteries could last around 16 years if they’re not discharged to more than 80% every three days at worst & kept insulated from temperature extremes.
  • The batteries in this system have over 5 times the amount of discharge cycles at 80% depth of discharge for lithium and 50% for AGM

Package Includes:

    • 6x 330w A grade Solar Panels (1.98kW)
    • Victron MultiPlus 3KVA / 2.4kW Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48v with 35A AC Charger
    • Victron 150/35 MPPT Solar charge controller
    • Victron Smart Shunt Battery monitor
    • Victron Cerbo GX with touch screen and online access
    • 4 x 1.28kW Commodore Lithium Batteries (4 x 1.22kW usable capacity – 4.88kW)
    • DC Disconnect / Battery Breaker & Fuses to suit
    • DC Solar PV breaker
    • 5 Metres of Battery Cabling 35mm2  with lugs fitted (gives 2.5m distance from batteries to inverter)
    • 20 Metres of Solar Cable fitted with solar connectors one end
    • Battery series link cables
    • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile & Tilt upgrades available)
    • Safety Sticker Kit

Optional extra

  • Pre-wired and configured system board this makes a faster and simpler install onsite $980
  • Upgrade to 5KVA Victron Inverter, handle more appliances $985
  • Battery Cabinet – this ensures the batteries are adequately protected from inclement weather – $850

Create an Off Grid power system. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If there is insufficient power, the inverter can make use of a petrol or diesel powered generator to recharge the batteries & run the household loads. The system can start the generator automatically providing the generator is compatible with two wire starting – some ATS systems are also compatible with two wire start.

Create a Grid-Hybrid system, where your Solar energy is used & stored as first priority. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If there is insufficient power, the inverter supplements power using the Grid AC power supply automatically. This design principle uses your solar & stored energy first before using the mains grid power. This can be more feasible than the low grid feed-in tariff typically on offer. Victron’s Battery Safe feature retains a set amount of charge in the battery bank, utilising the mains to keep the battery operating in the optimal range. A generator can be used in place of grid power for charging the batteries and running loads in the event of a few cloudy days or some heavy power usage.

Finance available for purchases over $5,000

Please note this system will not feed energy back into the grid! Instead, all your solar energy harvest is used by your household with solar priority mode. The inverter can recharge the battery bank from generator or mains power if there has not been enough sunny days.

Please note this listing does not include installation. Installations exceeding 500VA should be done by a qualified electrician, in accordance to electrical safety requirements of your state or territory.

Solar panels feature a 25 year pro-rata year warranty, inverter/ charge controller a 5 year full warranty, and all other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty. For more information see manufactures warranty, found on each brand website.

Commodores 12V batteries listed include a 4 year warranty, and all Victron equipment has a 5 year warranty

For details on our battery warranties please click here.

You are welcome to send the faulty goods back and our factory trained staff will carry out the repair for you free of charge within the warranty period. Shipping is cost of buyer.

Consumables, cables, leads, etc.. are not covered by warranty, negligence or misuse is a warranty exclusion. Commodore is not responsible for any direct or indirect expenses or losses related to warranty or non warranty.

Registered Responsible supplier with ERAC, Alternative Technology Association of Australia

Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions165 × 100 × 30 cm



Please click here to view more info on the BMV-702, and click here view the smart phone app info for the battery monitor.

Please click here to view more info on the MPPT Control.

Please click here for the spec sheet on the Victron Multiplus 3kVA Inverter Charger

System Requirements

Click here to estimate your system requirements using our off-grid calculator

Battery Warranty

For battery warranties click here


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