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Electric Netting – Poultry


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Electric Poultry Netting

Poultry netting helps keep poultry safe when they are outdoors and reduces the threat of predators like foxes.


  • Heavy duty UV stabilised poly wires
  • 3 x 0.20mm stainless steel conductors per horizontal fence line
  • A total of 12 horizontal fence lines of which 11 are electrified. The bottom wire is not electrified as it touches the ground.
  • Metal clip to join multiple nets together
  • Two – pronged metal foot for stability
  • Repair kit and corner post tie downs included
  • Multiple nets are easily connected

Nemtek energizer minimum requirements:

  • For one net use a 0.25 joule energizer
  • For two nets use a 0.50 joule energizer
  • For three nets use a 0.75 joule energizer
  • For four nets use a 1.0 joule energizer with APT
  • For more than four and up to ten nets use a 2.5 joule energizer with APT 


Material: UV stabilised poly wires
Stainless steel conductors
Length: 50m

Weight 5 kg

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