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Electric Fence Energiser, Solar, 20w Solar & Regulator, Remote (LCD), 20KM 2J


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Commodore Australia is proud to introduce Nemtek’s new farm specific range of agricultural electric fencing products. .. famous throughout Europe, South Africa and more. Using their extensive knowledge with over 20 years experience in security electric fencing across the globe, Nemtek has gone back to the drawing board to tailor-make an innovative, cost effective product specifically designed to meet the needs of the farming community. Durability, reliability, effectiveness and value for money are paramount in every product that bears the Nemtek name.

Traditionally electric fence energizers for animal farming control did not have a fence monitor to detect a break in the fence. The detecting feature has become an integral part of game and animal control. It allows the user to monitor the condition of the electric fence at the energiser or via the remote without having to patrol the fence regularly, thus saving time and money. (remote for diagnostics, does not turn on /off).

Utilising patented APT technology to increase the voltage of the fence, optimising the performance of the energiser. Robust design can be used for both a permanent and temporary electric fencing system.

The energizer is ideal for use with fences in remote locations as it includes

    • Nemtek 2J , 20km Energizer.
    • 20W Solar Panel and charge controller
    • LCD Remote
    • Maximum fence voltage of 8.5kV
    • Battery cable clips
    • Just add your own 12v battery (or available at $88 for 12V deep cycle as option)
    • The solar panel & charge controller will keep your 12 volt battery full of charge as it powers the fence, making a hassle free solution.
    • The electric fence energizer will work with 12V DC & Mains AC power (optional), making it very flexible to use with a battery, solar & battery or mains power alone
    • Adjustable pulse rate from 1-4 seconds or random
    • Includes 2 year warranty

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