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Victron ECOmulti Inverter-Charger: 24V-3000VA Inverter, 70A Charger, 2.3 kWh Battery (EMP243020200)

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ECOmulti 24/3000/70-50 2.3 kWh LiFePO₄

Our extensive range of inverter-chargers extends all the way out to the ECOmulti, a wall-mountable device providing superior performance in the off grid home and designed to facilitate easy installation, programming and operation.

This quality device contains a 2.3 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, to power your off-grid system when your photovoltaic (PV) panels can’t. Below is an overview of how the ECOmulti works throughout the day.

Night Time
During the night the ECOmulti is disconnected from the grid and the home is powered by energy stored in the battery. The ECOmulti will reconnect to the grid when the battery is discharged.

Battery Charging
The next day, when the PV array produces sufficient power to supply the loads and to start charging the battery, the ECOmulti will regulate charge current to absorb nearly 100% of the surplus photovoltaic power.

Discharging during the day
When the PV output is reduced by clouds of when a power-hungry load is switched on – resulting in no surplus PV power available – battery charging will stop. Insufficient PV power will be supplemented by power from the ECOmulti. In case of an overload, power will be drawn from the grid to supplement power from the ECOmulti. This is known as the GridAssist function, which will help to prevent a system shutdown.

Battery fully charged
Once the battery is completely charged, additional loads (a water heater, for example) can be switched on, or surplus power can be directed into the grid.

End of the day
The ECOmulti disconnects from the grid about 10 minutes after PV power becomes insufficient to provide charge current. In order to prevent false disconnections due to lack of sun during the day, the superior ECOmulti also uses an internal timer to predict the time of day.

(2x Lithium battery 12.8V/90Ah – BMS (BAT512900400) must be ordered separately)


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