EcoSeries LFP Lithium Battery 4kWh 48V Aussie Made | Off Grid or Hybrid


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PowerPlus Eco series batteries

The Australian designed and engineered Eco series lithium batteries from PowerPlus Energy are very impressive in all aspects featuring a 6,000 cycle life rating when using to 20%dod a much smaller footprint and better low temperature performance. A 40kWh battery bank can now fit in almost one third the footprint of previous off grid lithium options! Welcome to the future of fully expandable lithium batteries designed for off-grid solar & energy storage systems.

  • Fully expandable – grow your battery bank as your needs demand at any time
  • More usable energy – up to 80% can be used without adversely compromising battery life
  • More Charge / Recharge cycles – 6,000 cycles for off grid solar, depending on depth of discharge
  • Excellent constant high current Charge / Discharge performance
  • Greater charge efficiency – up to 98% ! this means far less energy wasted during charging and more power available to you in less time
  • More energy stored in less space – 40kWh can be stored in 1200H*550W*700D MM
  • Standardised 19″ rack mounting system – compatible to mount in server racks if desired
  • Internal intelligent management means each battery module can operate to its potential, rather than performing only as well as the weakest battery
  • Smarter internal management means no need for specific battery-inverter communications to keep the battery ‘awake’, liberating the battery for use with a wider range of inverter & charger hardware
  • Integrated re-settable circuit breaker in each battery module for added safety and simpler system cabling with less external fusing
  • Battery modules are made with high quality & tolerance matched cylindrical LFP cells for optimal performance

Based on the rated performance and upfront cost, the Eco series Lithium batteries from PowerPlus deliver an exceptional cost of ownership. The 10,000 cycle rating dictates an incredible 17 cents per kWh, and typical real word usage scenarios can far exceed the guaranteed minimums.

Select quantity above to purchase your required battery bank size: ie 10x 4kWh batteries = 40kWh total capacity- Call us on 1300 669 256 if you need any help to determine the correct size for your application

Main benefits of the PowerPlus Energy Batteries: 

  • Australia made, designed and engineered
  • No Control/Communication cables required
  • 96-98% Charge efficiency
  • 10,000 Cycles rated in off grid solar
  • Flexible installation options( almost unlimited batteries can be added in parallel at ANY time in the lifespan of the system)
  • 1/3 of the weight and size of lead acid batteries
  • 10 Year pro rata warranty


Package Includes:

  • 4kWh Lithium battery module  with connection cables ( select quantity from dropdown menu)
  • Cabinet to suit ( optional – select from drop down menu)


For details on our battery warranties please click here.

Additional information

Battery Capacity Size

4kWh, 8kWh, 12kWh, 16kWh, 20kWh

Cabinet Option

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