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7.5Kw Pump Inverter w/ 6 Kw Solar | Pump 10M Max, 4Kw Motor



Solarize your existing pump, move BIG volumes of water for FREE

Around 40% of all the energy generated worldwide is used for moving water! With rebates available for our solar pump drives, now is the time to convert your large pump systems to solar. At Commodore Australia we are always looking to pair our solar expertise with the highest quality of pumping products on the market. We understand that when you purchase a pump you want it to work exactly as advertised, to last and to have locals to call if you require any assistance. We offer unlimited support no matter how many years after you’ve purchased from us to give you true long term value for money. Put our solar pumping experience to work for you today and get water moving on your property.

Solar panels and Inverter for a 4kW pump motor – 3 Phase or single phase on request. With 6kW of solar panels / 24 x 270w or larger Solar Panels

Package Includes (with or without the pump):

  • 7.5 Kw Inverter that’s eligible for solar rebates
  • 24 x 270w panels CEC approved
  • Optional 4kW irrigation pump (select option from drop-down menu above) see below for details
  • Rebates to help off set the cost of converting the pump, see below for more details. Up to $3900 back from the government!

This system is designed for 2 applications:

  1. With the pump means you get the pump – see flow graphs and other specs below.
  2. You can use this special inverter and the solar panels on any pump 3kW or below. 3-phase as standard or single phase on request. Its designed to protect your pump and get the solar to run your pump for free. Its very unique as the rebates are just coming out on these systems and once setup they do run for free.

Input voltage: 200-500 V

Output current (IN): 16 A
Typical motor power 400V (PN): 7,5 kW
Typical motor power 230V (PN): 4,0 kW
Customs tariff number: 85044084
Dimensions (HxWxD): 380x100x223 mm
Net Weight: 5 kg

Standard Features

– Air cooled module
– Speed and Torque control level
– IP20 (UL open type)
– Braking chopper
– Drive SP programming
– Safe torque off
– Boards with coating
– Quick guide manual
– Latest firmware version

*Rebates for solar pump or AC pump conversion install for 4.5kw of solar is:
VIC   $3200
WA, SA, NSW, QLD $3900

This is money you can take off the systems costs once installed.

Rebates are bases on estimates from the Green Bank website and were accurate at the time of creating this web page, if you want accurate estimates please call us with your postcode and rough install dates. To get a rebate it must be installed by a off grid accredited installer and you must meet all the requirement as set out by the STC rebate rules and regulations.

Solar Pump ETA 100-160 4KW 100mm outlet 125mm inlet

174,000L/hr | 10m Head | 24 x 270w Panels

This pump can deliver a maximum of 174,000 litres per hour or a maximum total head of 10 metres.

Please refer our pump calculator to get your total head & compare to the curve graph for head & flow ranges.

Head Flow rates Avg per day summer
6.75m m3/hr: 174
L/min: 2900
1.044 to 1.3  megs a day
7.75m m3/hr: 153
L/min: 2550.
924,000 L to  1.2 megs a day
8.25m m3/hr: 138
L/min: 2300
828,000 L to  1.1 megs a day
8.75m m3/hr: 123
L/min: 2050
738,000 L to  984,000 L a day
9.12m m3/hr: 108
L/min: 1800
648,000 L to  864,000 L a day
9.25m m3/hr: 97.5
L/min: 1625
585,000 L to  780,000 L a day
9.75m m3/hr: 72
L/min: 1200
432,000 L to  576,000 L a day
9.87m m3/hr: 60
L/min: 1000
360,000 L to  480,000 L a day
10.00m m3/hr: 48
L/min: 800
288,000 L to  384,000 L a day

*Flow rate and avg per day does depend on weather and your location, calculation per day is based on 6 to 8 hours of good sunlight you can get more or less.

Here at Commodore, we’re proud to supply the largest range of solar pumps on the market.

Package Includes:

  • 4KW AC Pump
  • Well Sensor to stop pumping if the water source is low
  • 6 Metre Cable
  • Instruction Manual & custom quick connect guide


  • Max flow rate: 174,000 litres per hour / 2900 litres per minute
  • Max head (vertical pumping distance): 10 metres
  • Pump power 4KW
  • Pump Outlet: 4″

4 Years warranty on Pump inverter, 25 years on solar panels!

Commodore Pump Warranty Statement

Commodore Pumps (motor and pump head) come with a 24 Month warranty, and Commodore Pump Controllers come with a 12 month warranty. New solar panels have a 25 year output warranty. Used solar panels have a 10 year warranty. If your item is found to be defective within the warranty period we will replace the defective part free of charge. You are welcome to send any faulty goods back and our factory trained staff will carry out the repair for you free of charge within the warranty period. Repairs outside of the warranty period are available at a reasonable cost. Shipping is cost of buyer. Consumables (such as helical rotor pump impellers), cables, leads, etc are not covered by warranty. Negligence or misuse is a warranty exclusion. Commodore is not responsible for any direct or indirect expenses or losses related to warranty or non warranty.

Weight311 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 25 cm

Pump Calculator

Please refer our pump calculator to get your total head & compare to the curve graph for head & flow ranges.


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