50A MPPT Solar Charge Controller for 12v & 24v by Commodore

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New 50A MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display


  • System Voltage: DC12V or 24V with Automatic Recognition
  • Rated Charge Current: 50A
  • Maximum PV VOC (Volts at Open Circuit) Voltage: 150V
  • Max Charge Power: 12v – 650w | 24v – 1300w
  • Charge limiting function


  • Optional WiFi adapter to view info on smartphone or PC
1.High efficiency MPPT control algorithm, MPPT efficiency 99.5%, whole Machine conversion efficiency up to 98%;
2.Charge mode: three stages (fast charge, constant charge, floating charge), improve boost voltage charge(activate the battery performance), it prolongs service life of the batteries;
3.Discharge mode: ON/OFF mode, PV voltage control mode, Dual Time control mode, PV & Time control mode;
4.Customers can choose battery types: (Flooded, Sealed lead acid, Gel battery) charging, Other types of the batteries can also be defined;
5. information can be provided from LCD: System type, PV input voltage, PV input current, Day/Month/Total generated energy, battery type, battery voltage, charging current, charging power, Load current, Load power and so on; Reverse polarity and over charge safety protection.
6.RS485 communication, we can offer communication protocol also, it’s convenient for user’s integration management.
7.CE, RoHS, FCC certifications approved.

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