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20W Panel with Internal Regulator and Folding Legs

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Solar panels are great for recharging batteries while you’re out & about.

Keep your camping gear and electrical equipment running & recharge vehicle batteries that have been drained.

Our portable 20w solar panels come with Crocodile clip connectors.

A 20W Panel is equivalent to a 1.5A battery charger while in good sun, depending on the battery state of charge.

(Please note: The charging voltage and current changes depending on the battery state of charge & solar intensity)

We recommend using this kit with a minimum battery capacity of 6 Amp – Hours (AH).

The regulator is designed to charge to 14.4v then float back down to 13.7v – standard AGM / GEL charge parameters.

Standard Accessories:

  • Internal PWM Solar Charge Controller – Weatherproof
  • 5m Charge Cable with Alligator Clips
  • Durable Support Legs

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Registered Responsible supplier with ERAC, Alternative Technology Association of Australia & Clean Energy Council of Australia

Weight4 kg
Dimensions53 × 49 × 12 cm


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