Stand Alone Solar Power

Stand Alone Solar Systems – Fully customisable for each Australian

Our Stand Alone Power Systems aren’t limited by size, we have systems available for:

  • Homes
  • Farms
  • Tiny homes
  • Small businesses
  • Large commercial operations

Our systems provide Australian’s with reliable power as if you were living off grid power, however off grid power is without the regular bills and for many Australian’s, large costs to connect to the grid. We ensure you are provided with the right system by tailor designing your system down to each ceiling fan, we have have an off grid calculator which will assist in this process too.

On our medium/large systems, we provide the option of including a backup premium off grid diesel generator to our systems. We have designed our own range of off grid specific generators to provide further energy reassurance by including:

Two wire auto start: If you have a string of cloudy/days of rain in Winter and your battery bank is low, our off grid generator will automatically kick in to recharge your batteries, and provide you with the power you need. This is perfect for large systems with high power consumption.

Low RPM’s: Our generators run at 1500rpm which is very low, this results in less noise, less vibration, less wear and tear which results in more reliable output for longer.

Soundproofing: We add foam padded sound proofing inside the enclosure which keeps the generator quieter again.

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