Our Irrigation pump range offer great cost reductions as they now have rebates of up to 70% the cost of the solar panels. In some cases the buyback period can be as low as 18 months, while still enabling you to pump more often for free once installed.

Almost every irrigation job is different feel free to call or email us your specifications and we’ll be happy to assist you in sizing up a pump and/or Solar. All of our Solar irrigation systems have hybrid functionality meaning that you can connect mains or generator to the inverter and have that power blend automatically between multiple power sources.

Typical applications are irrigation, community water supply, fish farming and agriculture. The advantage of going with Solar is the huge savings within just a few years, with standalone Solar there are no more fuel costs or big power bills, best of all a Solar system is essentially maintenance free meaning you can set and forget.

Commodore Solar Pump systems are eligible for these rebates providing you meet the criteria detailed in the document above, many of our customers have already claimed and received these rebates for our pump systems.