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Solar Irrigation Pumps

Our Irrigation pump range offer great cost reductions as they now have rebates of up to 70% the cost of the solar panels. In some cases the buyback period can be as low as 18 months, while still enabling you to pump more often for free once installed.

With all the irrigation kits below you can get them with or without the pump the rebates are on the panels and the inverter.

When enough radiation is available, the Inverter solar pump drive starts automatically, and the pump connected to it begins to run.

The built-in maximum power point tracking functionality always feeds the maximum amount of power possible from the panels to the pump.

Typical applications are irrigation, community water supply, fish farming and agriculture. The Inverter solar pump drive can also be equipped to operate from the grid if no solar power is available as a backup option the savings are in the free operation when the sun is out.

On Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grants( Rural Vic and surrounds)

Grant 1) A rebate is available for 25 % of the cost of purchase, delivery and/ or professional installation of on-farm water infrastructure for animal welfare needs and to improve resilience to drought, **UP TO $25,000 maximum rebate available per farm enterprise- full details CLICK HERE

Commodore Solar Pump systems are eligible for these rebates providing you meet the criteria detailed in the document above, many of our customers have already claimed and received these rebates for our pump systems.

Grant 2) A Grant of up to $5000( ex- gst) per farm business is available to assist eligible farm business’s to implement on-farm infrastructure improvements.  Eligible Farmers are required to provide at least a dollar for dollar fund matching contribution.( IE the government will pay half of the cost of goods bought  ( up to $5000 back from the government) Many of our customers who have bought solar pumps in drought affected areas have already received rebates from these grants  ( Full story here:  CLICK HERE )


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