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All Solar Pumps / Calculator

Here at Commodore Solar we pride ourselves on our huge range of solar pumps we keep in stock. Our experienced team can help work out exactly what you need and give you the best price for it. And of course we’ll assist you with you any Solar rebates where applicable.

NEW GOVERNMENT SOLAR REBATES AVAILABLE FOR DROUGHT AFFECTED FARMERS. Commodore Solar pumps eligible for drought relief grants and subsidies. Up to $25,000 in certain areas, 25% of upgrade costs in Vic and NSW and 50% in QLD for eligible farmers – see full story here.

Use the calculator to work out the total head height for your situation and compare it to the head and flow graphs for each pump to find the one which is right for you. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting the right pump for the job.

Below is a link to the calculator for total head height –

Below you can view every one of our Solar pumps –


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