Workhorse Hybrid Solar Pumps AC/DC

We are excited to announce the arrival the new Workhorse series solar pumps. This is a project we’ve been working on for years – combining our proven ‘hybrid’ solar pump drive inverters with a quality range of pumps – our Workhorse AC submersible pumps. This pump range is best suited for those looking for a pump that can deliver larger volumes of water and/or higher pressure for large head heights or pressurised irrigation systems such as travelling irrigators, sprinkler systems and pivot irrigators. We carry a huge range of Pumps, bigger version pls contact us

Another massive feature is the ‘hybrid’ functionality our solar pump drive system which allows you to run the pump on straight Solar power, and you can also connect mains power or a generator. The hybrid function of the solar pump drive intelligently uses only as much mains power as required to keep your pump running in combination with the available solar power. The solar pump drive can also switch between the power sources completely to ensure there is no interruption in pumping, for example when it gets dark of an evening or during very cloudy weather. The pump drive system can also engage an auto-start generator with the optional Generator auto start controller to ensure continued pumping for critical applications.

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