Convert any AC pump, single or 3-PHASE to solar and save big $$$

Want to pump your water using solar power but don’t want to replace your existing pump system? Commodore Solar has you covered. When it comes to going solar, you don’t need to change your existing pump system if it’s already working and is the right fit for your needs. We have designed these kits for those of you in mind.

These solar pump drives can run your existing AC pumps using solar panels – with drives to suit pumps up to 2.2kW single phase and 75kW three phase. (Larger drives available on request ).

Let us know if you need a hand sizing solar panels to work with your pump. Please call 1300 669 256 for options that may not be listed here to run your existing pumps using solar panels!

Save a small fortune on your water pumping power bills.

Inverter Setup

*Government Solar rebates available on solar panels (must be installed by CEC accredited Solar Electrician for these rebates)- see here to calculate rebates – eg $3300 back on a 6kW more solar = higher rebate. 

View a range of systems at the bottom of this page or Download our Pump Drive Price list here