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Solar Pumps


We carry a range of both Submersible & Surface mounted solar pumps, and our factory has a complete range to meet each & every requirement. The solar pump control unit drives the high efficiency brushless DC pump motor, using the latest Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to make sure it’s pumping to the best of its ability under all light conditions, even moderate cloud cover. The controller also protects the pump from frequent starting in very low light conditions, overheating & running dry. Low water level sensors & tank full sensors are included in our solar pump kits, so the pumping system can be fully automated – forget having to check on your tank constantly! The low water sensor sits in your well or dam – above the intake of the pump. If the water level falls below the sensor, the solar controller will shut down the pump. Once the water level rises above the sensor, the controller delays pumping for half an hour to ensure the water level is sufficient before pumping again. The included tank sensors sit at the top & bottom of the tank. When both probes are submerged, the controller shuts down the pump. Once the water level drops below the top sensor, the controller starts the pump.

On Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grants

A Grant of up to $5000( ex- gst) per farm business is available to assist eligible farm business’s to implement on-farm infrastructure improvements.  Eligible Farmers are required to provide at least a dollar for dollar fund matching contribution.( IE the government will pay half of the cost of goods bought  ( up to $5000 back from the government) Many of our customers who have bought solar pumps in drought affected areas have already received this grant  ( Full story here:  CLICK HERE )

CMS Solar pumps

CMS solar pumps are produced by the same manufacturer as Pumpman Solar Pumps, we are the major Australian distributor any parts or upgrades are available through Commodore. Click here for a model comparison chart


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