What are grid-connected battery systems all about? And what’s a real system?

There are many names for a grid connected battery storage system such as:

  • Solar Power Battery Storage
  • Grid Connect Batteries
  • Hybrid Solar System
  • Solar and Battery System

Behind all of these names and apparent complexity, the concept stays the same. A grid connected system with batteries will provide you with energy security, and with a well designed system, will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduced power bills
  • Impressive return on investment’s
  • Energy independence and power security in a blackout which is even more essential in the age of working from home
  • Greater autonomy
  • Full optimisation of your PV system, existing and newly installed systems are often not optimised due to low export limits restricting feed in to the grid, however batteries ensure you will waste no solar
  • A clean future by minimising your reliance on less sustainable power sources

Adding a solar battery bank to grid connected systems is becoming far more viable as a result of decreasing costs of solar panels and lithium batteries. Owners of lithium batteries are now seeing greater value than ever as well, take Pylontech’s 3.55kW 48V module which have an outstanding 10 year warranty, and 6000 cycles which is the equivalent of 15 years + if treated well.

Make the most of excellent rebates on solar batteries, and solar panels such as Solar Victoria’s Battery Rebate

Through our extended experience in Off-Grid and Grid-Connected Systems, Commodore knows the industry and which grid connect battery components are of high quality, and the best value for investment in order to see a return on investment sooner, rather than later. We see a lot of cheaper grid connected battery systems in the market, which have their time and purpose when property owners are looking for ways to cut back their bills, however, if you want a true battery backup/blackout solution, a Victron Energy system from battery storage/off grid specialists is the best option. Many cheaper systems only use an “AC Inverter”. This means that the inverter will only be operational when the power is on, if the power goes out, so does your ability to use the battery system. Commodore Australia are Off Grid Specialists which means we know how to create your own independent power system, using “DC Inverters” which operate when the power goes out, as they create their own power when coupled with batteries and solar, not reliant on the grid.