Grid Connect Solar

Why choose Solar

Save now with fantastic solar rebates, and for years to come with feed-in tariffs and bill reductions
Reduce your independence on major energy retailers
Add significant value to your property
Power your home or business with clean energy
Shepparton averages 4 hours of sun throughout the year, more in Summer and less in Winter. This means you will generate 26kW per day with a 6.6kW system. Proportionately, the more KW in the system, the more you will save.

Grid Connect Solar Kits 
The Shepparton based team at Commodore prides itself on providing expert advice and lifetime support to meet all of your solar needs. Our experienced team can help work out exactly what you need and give you the best price for it. And of course, we’ll assist you with you any Solar rebates such as Solar Victoria’s $1850 rebate where applicable. We can assist you in understanding Grid Connect Solar, and Energy Storage Systems, and would like nothing more than to see you save now, and into the future.

See the Savings For Yourself
Grid Connect and Retrofit Solar Storage is rapidly increasing in popularity, and is no longer groundbreaking, it’s more likely that a friend, or even your neighbour has done their research and made the move to reduce their electricity bills now, and for years to come. With outstanding STC Rebates on Panels, and for Victorian’s, a one off $1850 payment for moving to a Grid Connect or Retrofit system, there has never been a better time to enquire, and find out how much you can save by choosing Solar.
All Around The Country
Whether you’re in our home town of Shepparton, the Goulburn Valley district, or anywhere else across Australia, we can freight our grid connect solar packages to you. We have an extensive list of over 70 accredited electricians who can provide certified and safe installation at your property.

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