Commodore Australia have been trusted by Australian businesses to design, distribute and monitor commercial off grid solar systems. A plethora of businesses are making the most of significant solar rebates made available by federal and state governments. Whilst cost savings are a advantage, the advantages of moving off grid in a commercial sense are even further rewarding:

  • Having a solar system on your premises is a prime example of being a socially responsible corporate citizen. Through marketing activities elucidating customers to your choice of solar, or by walking past the business premises, potential customers can identify your business to be acting in the best interests of society, whereby you are using a renewable power source to conduct day-day electricity usage
  • No more black outs! You can increase your businesses productivity. With the support of correctly sized off grid systems by Commodore’s team of experts, you can be reassured of having a secure power source, whilst grid failures/blackouts are occurring more regularly, your business would not be impacted at all which will increase your businesses productivity, and in turn, provide you a great return on investment
  • Increased property value, it’s likely you will increase the value of your property if you are looking to sell/lease your property now, or in the future

Thorough market research and product development

Commodore has built it’s business based on quality customer service, and extensive market research which has assisted us in becoming leaders in new innovations and commercial off grid solar system technology.

We search the market for beneficial improvements in technology from trusted brands such as BYD, Pylontech, Victron and JA to name a few in order to give you the best results, whilst also purchasing in bulk to reduce the price of our products. This is a huge consideration for commercial off grid systems because quality products, with lifetime support and long warranties supported by highly competitive pricing results in an exceptional value proposition for any customer, and especially Australian commercial organisations.

Lifetime support 

Commodore is proud to provide lifetime support for all of it’s customers, on all of their purchases. It is a commitment we strongly value, as it represents:

  • The high quality products Commodore supplies
  • Expert advice Commodore provides on every quote
  • How we back up what we sell

We have a designated support team who work diligently to answer all of your questions and provide expert guidance on your journey with Commodore. It is so pleasing to hear the positive feedback of this initiative too. Google reviews such as “The after-sales support has been fantastic”, and happy smiles from our customers make it all worthwhile.

Off Grid Calculator

Make the most of Commodore’s latest innovation, our updated Off Grid Calculator. This webpage has been designed to make life easier for you. We understand how difficult it is to choose the right solar system and also how difficult it is to calculate Off Grid. So, we thought why not turn the complicated equations, and worrying decisions associated with going Off Grid into a positive experience, where you simply tick the boxes applicable to you!

As the video above displays, all you have to do is:

  • Select which products you use around the house
  • How long you will use them for per day

By using this tool you will gain essential insight into which commercial off grid system is required.

Comprehensive Solar Quotation

A commercial off grid quote does not simply detail price and products. Commodore will provide:

  • Almost a decade of solar insight
  • The different options available for you and your organisation
  • Site plans – Using satellite imaging and wiring diagrams
  • All relevant information for available incentives and rebates
  • Contacts for experienced and nationally trusted installers