Lead Carbon batteries are the latest in sealed deep-cycle battery technology (invented in Australia by the CSIRO and developed with Furukawa Japan), these batteries represent the best modern developments with excellent performance and value for money.

They’re an Australian invention and we reckon that’s great! More technically though – even the best of deep cycle lead-acid battery types such as tubular GEL / OPzV will age and deteriorate more due to operating in what’s known as a ‘partial state of charge’ or PSoC for short. In other words, when the batteries aren’t fully recharged before being used again (or before sundown for solar systems) most of the ageing process happens – a bit like the wear caused to a petrol or diesel engine before it’s reached the ideal running temperature.

Lead Carbon batteries however perform remarkably well in this partial state of charge range. Essentially, they are the combination of Super-Capacitor or Ultra-Capacitor (nano carbon technology) with a sealed lead acid (AGM) battery. They also boast the following improvements:

  • More usable energy – 70% can be used without adversely compromising battery life
  • More Charge / Recharge cycles – up to 4,200 cycles to 70% depth of discharge
  • Better high current Charge / Discharge performance
  • Greater charge efficiency – less energy wasted during charging means more power available to you in less time

You can view our range of lead carbon batteries below.