Gel batteries or gel cells contains acid that has been gelled by the addition of silica gel, turning the acid into a solid mass that looks like gooey Jell-O. They contain less acid than a regular battery and there are several advantages to using gel batteries.

Maintenance Free – They are maintenance free. Since the battery system is designed to eliminate the emission of gases, the volume of battery acid) that could be released is very small. There is therefore no need to check the liquid levels that can be lost due to electrolysis in other types of batteries.

Leak-Proof Battery – Gel batteries are leak-proof and will not leak even if the container is cracked or broken. In these sealed lead-acid batteries, a glass-mat separator absorbs the electrolyte and holds it between the lead plates. Because the acid electrolyte is held by the absorbent mat, the battery will not leak or spill.

Rechargeable with a proper Battery Charger – Using the right charger is a must with gel cell batteries. A gel battery requires no maintenance once the charging system has been properly set up. It is finicky when it comes to being recharged, so it is important that the correct battery charger is used on a gel cell battery, otherwise poor performance may result.

Easy Operation in Most Temperatures – Gel batteries can operate in a variety of temperatures from very high to very low and may last a bit longer in hot weather applications than other batteries.