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Off Grid Calculator

Select appliances to run on your system

Items To Power Quantity Running Watts Hours Per Day KWH Per Day
Potential Load KW 0
Average KWh Per Day 0
Percentage of appliances used at the same time %
Number of days reserve power
Winter average daily effective solar
Required three phase power


Take the stress out of Off Grid

Make the most of Commodore’s latest innovation, our updated Off Grid Calculator. This webpage has been designed to make life easier for you. We understand how difficult it is to choose the right solar system and also how difficult it is to calculate Off Grid. So, we thought why not turn the complicated equations, and worrying decisions associated with going Off Grid into a positive experience, where you simply tick the boxes applicable to you! 

As the video above displays, all you have to do is:

  • Select which products you use around the house
  • How long you will use them for per day

By you doing this, our off grid calculator can quickly calculate the:

  • Potential Load KW
  • Average KWh Per Day
  • Which systems will be suitable to your power usage 

The ‘Winter average daily effective solar’ section is set at 3 hours per day. This is a conservative estimate based off the average number of effective solar PV input hours in Winter. Our research confirms that the national average annually is between 4 to 5 hours per day. This means 1kW of solar panels will produce between 4kWh to 5kWh per average day. In Winter our research indicates 3 hours of effective solar PV input to be the national average, and 6 hours of effective solar PV input to be the Summer average for Australia. Follow this link below to find the average for your area on a map. 

PV Performance Map Australia

With our tool, you can adjust the amount of effective solar hours to suit your location.

Off Grid Calculator

Off Grid Solar Kits

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