Off Grid System Estimator

Off Grid System Estimator

Please note this estimator does not take into account any losses or standby power for system hardware such as the inverter charger.

The ‘Average daily sunshine hours’ section ought contain the average number of effective solar PV input hours. The national average is between 4 to 5 hours, where 1kW of solar panels will produce between 4kWh to 5kWh per average day. See this link below to find the average for your area on a map:

PV Performance Map Australia

  • Average KWh’s per Day (see your power bill)
  • Average daily Sunshine Hours
  • Number of days Reserve Power
  • Battery Bank Depth of Discharge (in %)

  • Recommended Solar Array in KW
  • Approx qty of 250w Solar Panels
  • Approx Battery Bank Total Size KWh
  • Approx Capacity of Batt Bank AH

 Below are some averages for popular appliances

Fridge/Freezer (size / quality dependant):1-2kWh per day
Kettle:0.2kWh per boil
Washing machine:~0.25kWh per load
LED/LCD TV (size dependant):0.06-0.2kWh per hr used
Desktop computer:0.1-0.4kWh per hr used
Laptop computer:0.03-0.06kWh per hr used
Sound system:0.05kWh per hr used
DVD Player:0.02kWh per hr used
Pedestal / ceiling Fan:0.07kWh per hr used
Electric oven (generally not recommended for off grid  ):2.3kWh per hr used
Electric hotplate:1.2kWh per hr used
Pressure Pump 600w:0.75kWh per hr used
1HP Inverter air-conditioner0.2kWh – 0.9kWh per hr used

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