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Drought affected? We are trying to help.

First, if we could give away them away free we would be that would put us out of a job.

So here at Commodore Australia as most of us coming from farming communities we understand that without water it can be very hard, so we are giving discounts to the drought affected it’s not much, but we hope that its helps as after the purchase of a solar pump, pumping is for free.

Below we have a few ideas and discounts from us and a government rebate that could possibly help with water issues in some circumstances.

Cost could come down even more, by getting reduced freight costs to your area by bulk buying and sending pallets instead. Anybody can organise group buying but with some publicity of a local Gov. member we can justify bulk sales, or even help with drought assistance programs.

So, if you have a bore, dam or creek to pump from our pumps can help you save money and get more water to where you need it, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Government Solar Pump Rebates and Grants with Drought relief Subsidies

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1800L/hr at zero head
The perfect windmill replacement pump.
$300 OFF this one for farmers in drought area only

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5400L/hr at zero head but is roughly 1800L/hr still at 80m.
130m max head zero water flow.
Check out a customer who has a simular model already installed (Click here to view)
this is a very popular model that can tick over 7 days a week and get you decent volumes.
in perfect conditions and small head Height you can get .25 meg from this pump in 7 days.
$500 OFF this one for farmers in drought area only

Fixed freight costs for farmers at $98 to a lot of major centres throughout NSW and QLD.


Bigger models there may be bigger discounts but to do it we will have to judge on job by job basis which will allow us to save you more off not less.

Group buying bigger models to service multiple farms could be an option, bigger models are eligible for government solar rebates which can cover up to 60 to 70% of the solar panel cost. We have knowledge and empierce to help you in this area.

Please if you’re not in a drought affected area please to not ask for the discount we are trying to help our fellow Australians.

An ID with drought affect area address will be enough to get the discounts.

Government solar rebate example with solar pumps

For example only: 54M MAX HEAD | 70,000L/HR MAX FLOW | 7500W MOTOR | 11250W SOLAR | SUBMERSIBLE SOLAR PUMP
Normal upfront cost: $17,900.00

Rebates available:


** Amounts depend on location and are subject to change, they must be signed off by an off grid accredited installer. Rebates come from the gov not commodore.

Not including installation costs
would cost roughly 11,000 after you get the rebate back.

This model for drought affected areas would get $900 discount roughly from us at Commodore Australia.

We do understand the discounts are not huge but like I said we are just trying to help. If there are other ways we can help, please feel free to email us with the idea and we will see what we can do.

Finance is available as well but as that costs us money to do it you won’t be eligible for the all the discounts that we offer. 6 months interest free, and 12 months interest free.

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